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BTEC Level 3 Engineering Qualifications

BTEC Level 3 Engineering Qualifications are designed to provide high-level specialists with work-related qualifications that provide them with different skills needed in various fields and vocational sector. The learners gain knowledge, understanding and the necessary skills required to prepare them for employment in the specific areas of their specialty. The qualifications are aimed at accrediting the achievement for various courses and programs of study undertaken by either full time or part-time learners in multiple schools, colleges, and higher learning institutions. They either help the learners to progress their career for those who are already working or move to higher levels of learning for those who are still progressing in their learning.

On successful completion of the BTEC level 3 qualifications, the learner can choose whether to progress with their studies or move to employment. There is a specified number of hours that a learner should cover before progressing to the next course of action, whether to continue to a higher level or to opt for employment. There is also a specific number of guided study hours that each learner needs before qualifying to the next level.  The qualifications also have a credit value. They help the learners to progress by either perusing their studies or by moving to different employment or even advancing while still in the same profession.

The key features in BTEC qualifications are aimed at providing education and training to those who are working in the same industry. It also provides education to employees working in the mechanical engineering sector. They can achieve nationally recognized qualifications. They also provide the full-time learner an opportunity to enter the employment sector in mechanical engineering or to learn more and continue with the vocational qualifications. They also grant the learners an opportunity of developing a wide range of skills and techniques in performing their duty.

To attain the National Occupational Standards, the learner should demonstrate in a work context the occupational competence. Occupational competence should be shown at whatever level the learner is to qualify for the next level. To qualify for e next level, you must specify the total credit value of the qualifications, the minimum credit to be achieved at the level of skill. At the same time, the learner should show the mandatory unit credits as well as the optimal unit credits. When combing the units for btec engineering qualifications, they have to adhere to the qualification credit value of no less than 30 credits.

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